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Optimisation through Standardisation

Our team is equipped with broad expert knowledge of fastening technology.

Conducting standardisation of our customers’ C-Part requirements is a key feature. We identify and eliminate duplications adjacent to providing valuable advice for the optimal use of C-Parts for your business.

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Engineering Support



All of your items are accurately assigned to the equivalent Thomas Warburton items with duplicates detected and merged. 


You have the freedom to choose which duplicate items are eliminated. From here you will begin to see the benefit of saving on procurement and process costs.



Your Account Manager will analyse your item base using our extensive experience to gain awareness of your C-Part requirements. 


Our objective is to provide valuable suggestions on which similar items to combine into one standard item. We take into account the material surface, strength, class, drive and head shape.



We prodvide expert advice in accordance with your requirements for the selection of your redesigned and ideal C-Part range. 


Additionally, your engineers can utilise the online CADENAS PARTCOMMUNITY 3D CAD drawing database with CAD data on your preferred fasteners. See below.

Tooling selection and setup 


Once your C-Parts standardisation is defined, we can support your production line team onsite with tooling selection and setup and such as the correct torque levels and speeds to suit the specifications for your various C-Parts applications. Not only will this eliminate production errors, but allow your tooling to last longer.

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Two Strong Partners


All of our customers have free access to the global CADENAS 3D CAD Drawing Database.

  • Download thousands of 3D drawings available in CAD data

  • SAP material numbers used

  • Regular updates

  • All standard formats supported (native and neutral)

  • Available 24/7!

The CAD database has been made available in cooperation with CADENAS and Würth Industrie Service GmbH.


Example Screen of the CADENAS 3D Cad Drawing Database

Handy Technical Information

We have compiled some useful downloadable technical information based on FAQ’s from our customers. View the topics below.

Abbreviations for Fasteners and Hardware

Common Abbreviations for Fasteners and Hardware

Steel Fasteners for a Temperature Range between -50°C and +150°C

Steel Fasteners for a Temperature Range
between -50°C and +150°C

Rust-resistant and Acid-resistant Fasteners 

Rust-resistant and Acid-resistant Fasteners 

ISO Information on Technical Standards – Changeover to ISO

ISO Information on Technical Standards – Changeover to ISO

Manufacturing of Screws and Nuts

Manufacturing of
Screws and Nuts

Surface Protection

Surface Protection

Dimensioning of Metric Screws 

Dimensioning of Metric Screws 

Securing Elements 

Securing Elements 

Direct Screwing into Plastics and Metals

Direct Screwing into Plastics and Metals

Rivet Technology

Rivet Technology 

Drives and Head Shapes

Drives and
Head Shapes

Hydrogen Embrittlement Risk

Hydrogen Embrittlement

Measures and Functionality

Measures and Functionality

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