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CPS®vend Vending Machine - RT Module background image

CPS®vend Dispensers

RT Module

For commodities & consumables

Offering 2 different modules (one master, one satellite), each module is highly flexible with up to 480 compartments. Perfect for a location where needs fluctuate, and may require a layout change over time. Existing level dividers can be easily removed and resized to accept more compartments (up to 48 per level). 

Key features

 Highly flexible (easy level adjustment)
 High storage capacity (up to 480 individual compartments)

 Automatic dispensing once items are selected

 Can store single products or full boxes in the larger compartments

Choose from 2 CPS®vend RT module variants

RT Master* (with control panel)  
* one Master Module required per set of machines

RT Satellite 

Machine Dimensions

90x200x80cm (WxHxD)

CPS®vend Vending Machine - RT Module background image

CPS®vend Dispenser Range Set Examples

Combinations are endless

Master Modules from the Dispenser range can be linked to as many Satellite Modules required to form a set.

Each set requires only one Master Module, regardless of the Satellite additions/combination. 


To the right is some examples of CPS®vend machine set combinations.

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