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CPS®vend Vending Machines - CBL Module background image

CPS®vend Cabinets

CBL Module

For the supply of cables & wires

Our latest innovation study is a vending machine capable of automatically dispensing cables and wires and able to keep track of the amount of wire dispensed to the millimetre, so you know exactly what has been used for each job. Like all CPS®vend modules, the CPS®vend CBL handles the entire procurement and logistics process - from delivery, storage and stockpiling to fully automated replenishment.

Key features

 Wire thickness output: 3 – 16mm / Reel width: 100 – 500mm

 Simple integration into the existing material supply system

 Multiple size reels can be fitted

 Highly accurate – measures the precise dispensed length

 Store up to 25 different reels 

1 module variant

CBL Master (with control panel)

Machine Dimensions

CBL Master   120x200x60cm (WxHxD)

CPS®vend Vending Machines - CBL Module background image

CPS®vend Cabinet Range Set Examples

Combinations are endless

Master Modules from the Cabinet range can be linked to as many Satellite Modules required to form a set.

Each set requires only one Master Module, regardless of the Satellite additions / combination. 


To the right is some examples of CPS®vend machine set combinations.

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