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Benefit from these advantages with CPS®vend

CPS®vend Benefits background image

CPS®vend Benefits Snapshot


  • Product availability

  • Productivity

  • Usage control/overview


  • Procurement costs

  • Storage costs

  • Wastage

  • Maximum supplier consolidation

  • Integrated data management

  • Precise, direct supply of material to your point of use

  • Continual on-site support

  • Fully automated supply of products

  • Individual solutions to suit your inventory needs

  • Flexibility to meet demand fluctuations

  • Production efficiency driven by innovative technologies

  • No asset investment required

  • All hardware provided for a monthly rental fee

  • Flexibility to modify your solution when your requirements change

CPS®vend System Benefits

Access-restricted storage

The CPS®vend system is a closed system which allows only authorised persons to access specific items.


Maximum process transparency

The system sends individual reports by email and collected data as an Excel file. This gives you an overview of all transactions such as withdrawals and order placements. Cost centre assignment is also possible.


Modular design

The composition of the combinable vending machine modules is made according to your product variety, product size and qualities you require.


Easy connection

The machines only need a power supply to order all withdrawn articles fully automatically. Via mobile network, communication directly takes place with the ERP system of Thomas Warburton. An integration into your existing network is not necessary.

Reduced costs

Due to reduced consumption and handling by your employees, you not only reduce material costs, but also gain time to concentrate on your core business.


Easy integration into the material supply 

The machines can be integrated into the existing material supply without any problems. You do not have to change internal processes.


Automatic reordering 

Withdrawn items are automatically reordered. The orders are collected in our logistics department and delivered within the agreed cycle. 


Stock replenishment 

We can offer you a full-service solution, where we take care of the stock replenishment of the machines directly to your production floor. Alternatively, we can train your production line team members to take care of this duty.

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