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CPS®vend Dispensers

Both FP and RT modules suit a wide variety of storage possibilities for different product types and demands and can be combined with each other to create customised variant units.

Access identification can be done via PIN code, barcode scanning (CPS®vend Dispensers only) or using RFID devices such as cards, fobs, etc.

CPS®vend Vending Machine - FP Module

Flap based System

For the storage and provision of high-quality, but bulky commodities and consumables.

CPS®vend Vending Machine - RT Module

Rotation based System

For the secure, guided dispensing of various small to medium-sized items, such as drills, bits, cutting discs and small PPE items etc.

CPS®vend Cabinets

WGT  Weight based System

CPS®vend Vending Machine - WGT Module

CHE  Hazardous Substance System


CBL  Cable Supply System

CPS®vend Vending Machine - CBL Module

The WGT, CHE and CBL modules can be combined with each other to create customised variant sets.

Our Cabinet modules are self-contained systems, allowing withdrawal of multiple items at any one time. 

With integrated weighing cells, this system is able to track the withdrawal of several PPE and MRO items as well as individual pieces from a box.

For the storage and safe dispensing of chemical products such as oils, spray paints or cleaners.

For the automatic supply of  cableswires, strands and installation material.

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