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CPS®vend Vending Machine - FP Module background image

CPS®vend Dispensers

FP Module

For commodities & consumables

Offering a wide choice of different modules, each has its own specific layout to suit different product sizes ranging from 5 compartments for large-bulky products, up to a 72 compartment module for many small parts.

Key features

 Designed to accept small to large items

 Multiple packages/pieces can be stored in the same compartment

 The glass windows allow you to easily see remaining stock levels at any time

 Provision items can have a use-by-date set, allowing you to block it,
     eg. for when it’s time to get the items re-calibrated

Choose from 10 CPS®vend FP module variants

The compartment arrangements can be seen at right underneath each image.

FP-M* =  Master Module with control panel   * one Master Module required per set of machines

FP-S   =  Satellite Module 

Machine Dimensions

60x200x56cm (WxHxD)

Compartment sizes (WxHxD)

 Small: 6x12x56cm

 Medium: 12x12x56cm

 Wide: 24x12x56cm

 Large: 24x32x56cm

 Extra Wide: 48x12x56cm

 Extra Large: 48x32x56cm

CPS®vend Vending Machine - FP Module background image

CPS®vend Dispenser Range Set Examples

Combinations are endless

Master Modules from the Dispenser range can be linked to as many Satellite Modules required to form a set.

Each set requires only one Master Module, regardless of the Satellite additions/combination. 


To the right is some examples of CPS®vend machine set combinations.

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