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CPS® Crib with vending machines

Onsite at your site with CPS® CRIB

CPS® CRIB is an automated material dispensing system/shop containing your individual requirements on production equipment such as auxiliary and operating material, so that they are centrally available in one place 24/7. 


Whether inside a shipping container or a designated room/area, your employees take what they need and scan the items at our scan terminal, triggering the reordering of these articles. 

Example of CPS® Crib setup

Flexible storage 

  • Different size racking/shelves available

  • Cabinets (standard/refrigerated/fire rated) 

Possible security features 

  • Automatic door locks

  • CCTV

  • Access gates

Contact Thomas Warburton today to learn more about CPS® Crib.

Scanning items out from the CPS® Crib
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