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CPS® Global Kanban Racking System

Specifically designed to accommodate our range of W-KLT® bins for shelf/bin optimisation, our highly stable and galvanised finished racks keeps customers inventory clean and in place with minimal space, where and when you need it.

For maximum optimisation, each rack can facilitate up to 9 shelves with the top shelf reserved for empty bins to be scanned manually via a barcode scanner, mobile app or automatically via the RFID CPS® iSHELF for the reordering of repeat stock orders.

CPS® Global Kanban Rack

Key Features and Benefits

   Simple and easy to install, extend and relocate

  Space saving

  Strong galvanised structure

  Precise, direct supply of products at point of use

  Optimised quantity per item

  No asset investment required

  Reduction of supply chain processes

  Angled shelves help manoeuvrability of bins

Rack Dimensions

136 x 228 x 60 or 80cm* (W x H x D)
*80cm depth rack required for
 the CPS® iSHELF.

Kanban Rack W-KLT® Bin Capacity

Our Kanban rack can house a mix of our 4 standard
W-KLT® bin sizes. Below are the capacities per rack based on 8 stocked shelves filled with the same size bin.

  128 small bins (W-KLT® 2115) = 2x 64 line items

  96 medium bins (W-KLT® 3215) = 2x 48 line items

   128 large narrow bins (W-KLT® 4115) = 2x 64 line items*

  64 large wide bins (W-KLT® 4315) = 2x 32 line items*
     *80cm deep rack required

Unique W-KLT® Kanban Bins

The smartest bin for your Kanban System

The use of the patented Würth W-KLT® bin range is an effective solution to past problems regarding transport, accessibility and space in the production plant.

Key Features

  Optimum use of space

  Levered front flap for easy access

  Maximum transport security

  Strong, durable and break-proof

  Stackable via interlocking bottom

  Up to 50% less shelf space required

  Optimised for contents and the Kanban rack

  Front and back hand-holds for optimum grip


W-KLT® Bin dimensions shown in our brochure.

From the smallest of screws to the largest of bolts and consumable items, there is a W-KLT® load carrier solution for all your inventory requirements.

W-KLT® Kanban Bin Labels

All the information you need on one label!

With each Kanban delivery cycle, new labels are printed and applied to each W-KLT® bin with updated customer & product information, and barcoded for the reordering process.

That means each order is unique, providing batch traceability for every single item you order.

All product specific Kanban information and more is also accessible and available 24/7 in your account from the CPS® Global Online Software.

W-KLT® Kanban Bin Front Label

Expanding Your Kanban Capacity

More Kanban racks?

No problem!

Depending on the volume of assembly line items required at different locations in your production line, multiple ‘extension bay’ racks can be added (with no limit) by attaching additional racks to the initial CPS® Global Kanban rack for increased capacity and uniformity.

CPS® Global Kanban Rack extension bays

CPS® Global Online Platform

24/7 access to full-data transparency of the stock in your Kanban system

CPS® Global Online Platform

   Product Description

   Your Part Number

   Scan History

   Refilling Quantities

   Parts Location

   Shipment Status

   And Much More…

   Bin Overview

   Back Orders

   Planned Deliveries

   Item Quick Access

   Number Of Active Bins

   Number Of Delivered Bins

   Usage Reports

   Contact Details

   Plant Details

  Bin Count

   Bin Size


CPS® Mobile Scanner App

Your scanning companion for stock replenishment

The CPS® Mobile Scanner App is a convenient alternative to using a traditional barcode scanner for generating repeat orders.

When logged into the app*, you are connected to your CPS® Global account with the added benefit of sending your scans (order data) directly from your mobile device.

*Mobile network or Wi-Fi connection required

CPS® Global Mobile Scanner App
CPS® Mobile Scanner App QR Codes for Google Play and App Store

CPS® MULTI-Trolley

Mobile Kanban for your production line

CPS® Global Kanban MULTI-Trolley

Key Features

   Even levels with MULTIplus250 shelves

   Two swivel castors with parking brake and two fixed castors

   Handle for easy pushing and pulling

   Levels are height adjustable in increments of 25mm

   Loads up to 75kg per level (evenly distributed)

   Available in 600mm and 800mm depth

   Reinforcement by length bar (7 pairs per trolley)

   55mm raised edge on front & rear bars to eliminate bins falling from shelf

   Multifunctional frame pre-assembled

   Frame & length bars powdercoated, truss & shelves in galvanized finish

   RFID-ready (can include integrated CPS® iSHELF as top-most shelf)

Ideal for use as an intermediate mobile storage space, perfect for housing and picking your ‘on-the-go’ assembly parts right across the various stages of your production line.

Once the bins are empty, return them via the CPS® MULTI-Trolley to your main "CPS® Global Kanban rack for the stock replenishment process.

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