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Customer at a Vending Machine

CPS®vend vending solutions

Store and supply PPE and MRO inventory to your employees with a level of automation and accountability you never thought possible.

Our industrial CPS®vend vending machines are so compact and flexible, your store room can now become part of your production line. Eliminate missing stock, reduce downtime and packaging wastage as well as the overall procurement effort.

Learn more about CPS®vend’s features and benefits below to discover which module is right for you.

Customer at a Vending Machine

Our Vending Machines At A Glance

We offer two categories of vending machines... Dispensers and Cabinets, each with different modules and variations suitable for different product types, sizes and demands.

CPS®vend Dispensers

( 2 Module options )

CPS®vend Cabinets

( 3 Module options )

Industrial Vending Machine benefits and advantages

Benefit From These Advantages

CPS®vend features an automatic reordering system, employee access via pin code or RFID card and enables your business to reduce your inventory holding.

Customer analysing usage data

Data Transparency for our Customers

Access all your inventory and order data anywhere, anytime via our CPS®vend Online Service Centre

CPS CRIB setup example

CPS® Crib

CPS® Crib is a material dispensing system containing your individual requirements on production equipment such as auxiliary and operating material so that they are centrally available in one place 24/7. 

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