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A holistic supply chain and
inventory management experience

Reducing the purchasing effort in today’s manufacturing climate is a challenge across large numbers of orders, incoming and outgoing goods, invoice handling and master data management. The solution to this is ‘CPS® miLOGISTICS’.

Thomas Warburton serves as your supply chain foundation providing a vast and diverse product range. Furthermore to our standard and special parts via our CPS® Global Kanban system, we can take care of the inventory management of your third-party parts and product groups. 

The below model displays the different levels within our CPS® miLOGISTICS services that will provide you a holistic supply chain and inventory management experience.

CPS® miLOGISTICS Responsibility Legend


Warehousing and supplier integration through Thomas Warburton.

CPS® miSTOCK Process Animated


Supplier integration through third-party order processing using our Kanban system.

CPS® miDROPSHIP Process Animated


Independent management of products and suppliers using our Kanban system.

CPS® miSELF Process Animated
CPS® miLOGISTICS Support Level background image

Product support

Technical support

Quality responsibility

Product liability


Transport logistics

On-site logistics service

Invoice handling

Merchandise planning

Back office support


Master data management

Demand assessment

Want to increase productivity?

Get all your inventory and your third-party products with reliable service and a system!


CPS® miLOGISTICS utilises innovative technologies and automated system solutions that covers every supplier. Automate and digitise your supply chain with CPS® miLOGISTICS!


You decide the type and scope of products. We offer you the right framework.

Ease your purchasing effort and speak to our team today about CPS® miLOGISTICS

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