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Our Commitment

Ensuring quality is at the forefront of every decision we make.

Our global footprint for international and local sourcing provides our customers with a highly stable supply chain, enabling customers to greater focus on manufacturing products instead of worrying about the procurement of their C-Part inventory. 

We conduct frequent supplier evaluations not only for your assurance, but for our own, that we are supplying the highest of quality products to our customers.

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Quality Certification


Since 1992, our Quality Management System has continued to be certified through each new version of the standard to the latest: ISO 9001:2015.

The current scope includes the procurement, warehousing, sale and distribution of fasteners and related industrial products including the establishment of  our consumable parts Inventory Management Systems for our customers.

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Quality Policy

Our Quality Statement

Thomas Warburton Pty Ltd is committed to selling quality inventory management systems, industrial fasteners and hardware products, that meet industry standards, to our customers through consistent and structured processes.

We identify areas to improve, define solutions, implement suitable actions to address risks and opportunities identified and subsequently review the effects of such changes.


We ensure that this process is a continuous and integral part of our operations and purpose. 


We manage the performance of our suppliers and service providers to ensure that their approach aligns with our objectives.

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"Quality is not an accident"

Our Mission

The mission of our management and staff is to operate the business successfully. Achievement of this mission is fundamental to providing a satisfactory return, the continuance of the business and ability to offer employee development opportunities. We will achieve this by being true to our core values:



We share common goals, values and principles. Help each other to achieve success. Work together to build loyalty.



Develop relationships with integrity and respect for others. Do the right thing, even when no-one is looking. Trust is the foundation in all we do.



Effective and open communication. Create a safe environment and live shared values. Lead by example.



Aim for 'right', first time, every time. Always offer a solution. Be the best.


The Thomas Warburton Core Values are globally backed by the Würth Group.

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Quality Process Management

An integral process

At Thomas Warburton, Quality Management is part of an integrated process that includes all corporate processes.

Of course, the process-oriented application of ISO 9001 is at the forefront of this. Thanks to clear documentation and specifications for our business processes, we ensure reliable processes, secure supply and consistency of high quality products and continuity of engineering support.


In order to meet your needs, we ensure continuous improvement and further development of our processes using numerous tools and methods.

Product Quality Management Chart
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Würth Quality

No compromises on Quality

Products are thoroughly tested and approved according to exacting standards. That’s why our customers can have absolute confidence in knowing that every Würth product sourced is fit-for-purpose, durable and reliable.

Discover in more detail the processes and tasks that are carried out that ensures there is no compromise on quality.

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Supplier Management

Our key to ensuring product quality

When it comes to selecting well established and reputable suppliers, local auditors are present on-site in our most important procurement markets. In this way, it is possible to assess suppliers immediately and track their implementation of measures. Local activities are managed and supported by a central supplier management team.

Products are procured from around the world. By doing so, we ensure purchases are made at market prices. The approval of suppliers is linked with specific technical criteria that is checked by means of supplier audits to support the suppliers to develop their competence. This supplier development is an integrated element of the strategic supplier partnerships that we maintain which ensures the security of high quality products to our customers.

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