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Advance your Inventory Management System

Discover how our RFID technology solutions equips you with a fully-automated Kanban system to reorder your inventory for maximum supply efficiency and security.


•   CPS® iBOX

•   CPS® iGATE

•   CPS® iPUSH*


•   CPS® iSCALE*


      * currently in development

CPS® Global RFID Solutions such as CPS® iSHELF, CPS® iPUSH, CPS® iBOX and CPS® iGATE
RFID radio waves animation
RFID radio waves animation
RFID radio waves animation
RFID radio waves animation
RFID radio waves animation


The smartest shelf for your Kanban system

Replacing the top most shelf in the CPS® Global Kanban rack, empty W-KLT® Bins (labelled with RFID tags) are placed onto the CPS® iSHELF to automatically and simultaneously trigger repeat stock orders via RFID data transfer.\

This eliminates the manual process of scanning the barcodes from each empty bin as well as the requirement to upload the scan data via CPS® Global Online. The RFID tag (on the side of each bin) is linked with the specific product information in plain site on the front of the W-KLT® bin that is customised to you


The CPS® iSHELF is incorporated into the 800mm deep CPS® Global Kanban rack which can service multiple rack extension bays.

Key Features

  RFID antenna on top-shelf

  Battery operated (lasts up to 3 years with light indicator when low)

  4G connection / 240w powered RFID controller

  Controller location flexible up to a 25m radius of the CPS® iSHELF

  Multiple CPS® iSHELFs can be connected to one single controller

  Up to 64 bins (W-KLT® 2115) can be placed on the CPS® iSHELF

CPS® Global Kanban Rack with RFID CPS® iSHELF
RFID radio waves animation


The intelligent box for your Kanban system

Situated separately to the CPS® Global Kanban rack, up to 100 empty W-KLT® Bins (labelled with RFID tags) can be placed inside the CPS® iBOX to automatically and simultaneously trigger repeat stock orders
via RFID data transfer.

Key Features

  High capacity of up to 128 W-KLT® Bins (size 2115)

  Position anywhere independent of the Kanban rack

   4G Connection / 240W power required

  Error-free scanning securely transmitted via a closed system

  Self contained and fully-automated RFID technology

  One CPS® iBOX services multiple Kanban racks

CPS® iBOX dimensions  (W x H x D) 135 x 122 x 91cm

CPS® Global RFID CPS® iBOX with CPS® Global Kanban Racks
RFID radio waves animation


The flexible gate for your Kanban system

RFID radio waves animation
RFID radio waves animation

Situated separately to the CPS® Global Kanban rack, more than 200+ empty W-KLT® Bins (labelled with RFID tags) are passed through the CPS® iGATE simultaneously via a material train to automatically and instantly trigger repeat stock orders via RFID data transfer.

Key Features

•   Very high capacity of more than 200+ W-KLT® Bins per scan

   Position anywhere independent of the Kanban rack

  Error-free scanning through a closed system

  Monitor incoming and outgoing goods in real time

  Extremely precise control of the flow of goods

  Industry 4.0 inventory management technology

  Drive through system

  Detects goods in and goods out

  Identification of demand fluctuations and peaks

  One CPS® iGATE services multiple Kanban racks for repeat orders

  4G Connection / 240W power required

CPS® iGATE Dimensions 

Width: from 2.5 to 4 metres (space in between left and right gates)

Height: from 1.9 to 2.5 metres (space underneath top beam)

Gate Depth: 1.2 metres (Left and Right)

Gate Width: 25cm (each side sections)



(currently in development)

The bulky parts solution

CPS® iPUSH is the perfect RFID solution for large items which cannot be stored in a W-KLT® Kanban bin, and therefore not being recorded through a standard RFID automated solution.

Automated ordering of products is triggered by pressing the button integrated into the CPS® iPUSH RFID label, located with each product storage place e.g. racks, cabinets, shelving or on pallets.

Key Features

  Wireless and freely placeable with flexible mounting options

  Ideal solution for large/bulky items such as threaded rods etc.

  Pressed = Ordered

  Suitable for pallet Kanban

  Speed and efficiency in ordering on site

   Requires a controller placed within a 25M radius of the CPS® iPUSH



(currently in development)

Small, handy and battery operated

The CPS® iPLACER® is a future addition to our RFID portfolio and ensures maximum flexibility. 

This integrated RFID reader and transmitter unit can be mounted anywhere and provide full automation for the reordering of your fastener and or MRO consumable items. 

How does it work? When you need to replenish and reorder any stock-item from your inventory, the ‘Order’ is sent automatically and instantly to us when the RFID labeled W-KLT® bin (any size) passes the CPS® iPLACER®. Autonomous, independent and wireless.


It is so flexible and compact that you can mount it within a conveyor system or at any workstation. It is very quick to install without changing existing processes or setups.

   Requires a controller placed within a 25M radius of the CPS® iPLACER®


(currently in development)

Upscale your inventory management

The CPS® iSCALE is an innovative and smart sensor-controlled scale directly connected to a W-KLT® Kanban bin.


A solution especially for manufacturing units with irregular requirements of direct materials. The inbuilt sensor monitors the weight of the parts stored in the bin. As soon as the weight is below the defined level, the reorder of the parts is automatically generated at the ERP system of Thomas Warburton.


The CPS® iSCALE can be used in conjunction with our
CPS® Global Kanban system, in a customer’s inventory
cabinet or at a workbench/production area.

Key Features

  Supply of material directly at the place of use

  Highly flexible solution, can be placed anywhere

  Compact solution to fit in a Kanban rack

  Compatible for all bin sizes

  Stock order is sent automatically when a trigger point is reached

  Autonomous, independent and wireless system


(currently in development)

Replenishment with mobility

The CPS® iPALLET is a perfect mobile solution for very large production facilities where various Kanban locations may be far from one another.

The “pallet” is an open system that continuously scans the environment and searches for new RFID tags to initiate the requirements accordingly. A display in combination with 4 LEDs shows the status within the Kanban supply with a maximum volume of 160 RFID tags.

Key Features

  Continuous scanning of multiple bins/cards at any time

  Hybrid system between CPS® iSHELF and CPS® iBOX

  Autonomous, independent system

  Easy to transport anywhere with a pallet jack or forklift

  EURO-Pallet size

  Can be used with any size container
  4G Connection / 240V outlet required

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