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Customer picking screws from a CPS® Global Kanban Rack

CPS   Global Kanban


Your production line inventory placed exactly where and when it’s required.

Streamline your supply chain to an optimal level by mitigating stock-out risk and minimising your procurement processes and costs. 

For the most efficient and secure experience of stock replenishment, discover our RFID Kanban solutions which enables full-automation and security of the reordering process. 

Discover more about the features and benefits of CPS® Global Kanban below.

CPS® Global Kanban Benefits background image

How our CPS® Global Kanban Benefits You

We work closely with our customers to design an Inventory Management environment for their business and employees in such a way that flexible, ergonomic and individual solutions are the result.

Key Benefits

 Less inventory (standardisation)

 Consolidated deliveries

 Less transactions

 CPS® Global reporting

 Data analysis

 Regular optimisation

 Order and cleanliness

 Higher data transparency

 Supply security

 No asset investment required

 Change it when you need to

This leads to a crucial improvement to our customers productivity and output, giving them a sustainable and competitive edge.

Extended CPS® Global Kanban Racking

Our Standard Kanban System At A Glance

The components of our CPS® Global Kanban System provides you complete control of your inventory.

CPS® Global RFID Kanban background image

Advance Your Kanban System With RFID

Discover how our RFID technology solutions equips you with a fully-automated system to reorder your inventory for maximum supply efficiency and security.


•   CPS® iBOX

•   CPS® iGATE


•   CPS® iSCALE*

       * currently in development

Animated RFID radio waves
Animated RFID radio waves
Animated RFID radio waves
Animated RFID radio waves
CPS® Global Kanban Service Levels background image

CPS® Global Kanban Service Levels

Across all 3 levels of our Kanban service models that we offer, continual support is provided from your Account Manager and our dedicated internal CPS® Global team to ensure you have the best possible experience from your Kanban system.

CPS® miLOGISTICS background image

Holistic Supplier Integration

Thomas Warburton serves as your supply chain foundation.

We can also take care of your third-party inventory via our CPS® miLOGISTICS services. 

CPS® miLOGISTICS - a holistic supply chain and inventory management experience.

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