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Workplace Health & Safety Show

Workplace Health &
Safety Show 2022

Think Safety. Think CPS®vend. 

Workplace Health & Safety Show (WHSS) Logo

Across 25 & 26 May, 2022, Thomas Warburton exhibited at Workplace Health & Safety Show - the only show sharing the latest news, research, technology and products shaking up the world of Health and Safety at Work.

Held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Workplace Health & Safety Show was the perfect platform to present how our CPS®vend systems is the ideal solution for the management and dispensing of PPE SAFETY and MRO items to production line employees. 


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a big part towards the safety of employees, whether they are the production line frontline or office staff and visitors simply walking through a factory. Production lines become at huge risk of stoppages when failures occur in the procurement and management of PPE consumables causing employees unable to continue their work with the required safety measures and PPE. The biggest risk however, is direct injury to employees and the business itself if the right safety measures are not applied.


This event was a great opportunity to present to our stand visitors that stock unaccountability is now a thing of the past. We were able to demonstrate that CPS®vend can accurately track inventory usage down to a single unit. Not only that, businesses can be aware at any one time of who took what and when with employee access restricted to pin code or RFID card, providing complete transparency for every stock item ordered. All of this data can be viewed via the machines smart pad or the online software at any time. 


Visit our CPS®vend page for more information on how CPS®vend can place forefront safety in your business.


The Team at Thomas Warburton gives great thanks to all of our stand visitors as well as the many opportunities acquired ahead of this event.

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