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RFID Coalition Tech Expo

RFID Coalition
Tech Expo

The RFID Coalition Tech Expo, back once more, after a two year Covid break!

On Wednesday 24 August 2022, representatives of large Australian and international companies attended at the RFID Coalition Tech Expo. 

Hearing first-hand from industry experts and panelists who presented success stories and real examples of radio frequency identification (RFID) implementations in action along with experiences and the benefits it is providing the manufacturing and retail industries, today and for the future.


The event was titled “Unlock the power of RFID”, advocated and promoted by the RFID Coalition and was held at GS1 Australia in Victoria which was their first in-person event since the Covid-19 pandemic.


Our very own Arnaud Gay, Head of Marketing and Logistic System Solutions at Thomas Warburton, spoke about the important role that RFID technology plays for Smart Manufacturing and in the Inventory Management System solutions that Thomas Warburton offers.


The RFID Coalition Tech Expo was an excellent opportunity to network with industry experts along with the dedicated RFID vendors, skilled solution providers and like-minded people.


One of the biggest outcomes realised at the end of the event, was that RFID technology enables businesses to gain their desired agility and posses substantial confidence in their operations far into the future.


Thomas Warburton thanks GS1 Australia, the RFID Coalition and SICK Australia for the opportunity to be part of this great and important event.

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