Thomas Warburton celebrates 160 Years of Lean Manufacturing Innovations and Solutions

Thomas Warburton 160 Years Logo

On March 9, 2018, Thomas Warburton celebrated its 160th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, the business hosted a very successful customer day providing the opportunity for its valued customers, suppliers and supporting industry associations to spend the day at the Dandenong South Head office. The agenda included guided tours of the centralised distribution facility and the chance to view and experience all current and emerging lean manufacturing supply solutions.

The key question is what do you need to do to survive in business for 160 years? In the case of Thomas Warburton, the strategy is simply to embrace change and innovation to ensuring the business continues to provide value to its customers. Change is constant in business and with the pace of change increasing with every year; Thomas Warburton works tirelessly with its Global network to bring innovative system solutions to Australian manufacturers. Thomas Warburton targets the total cost of C-Part supply to provide productivity gains to its customers.

Hands-on demonstrations showcasing Thomas Warburton’s Inventory Management Systems including CPS® Global RFID (iBOX® and iSHELF®), Smartvend and Clip-O-Flex® were key highlights of the day. The business also gave an insight into the next phase of innovative lean solutions which are in the pipeline for the Australian market with the Manless branch and the iGATE®. Customers expressed a great deal of interest in Thomas Warburton’s PARTcommunity service. PARTcommunity is a fasteners 3D drawing database and assists Engineering to identify the right products for their applications in a CAD format.

Thomas Warburton is a market leader in this field and with the global support of the Würth Group, we are able to offer the latest technological innovations in lean manufacturing supply solutions. The company is going from strength to strength and is actively embracing the new Industry 4.0 evolution. For more details and a special insight from Mr Rainer Bürkert, Executive Vice President, Würth Group about Industry 4.0 and the challenges it faces, please follow this link.

In addition to learning more about our supply solutions all guests had the opportunity to view a number of finished products supplied by Thomas Warburton’s customers. On display was the Rheinmetall Defence HX 77 Recovery Vehicle, the Thales Hawkei PMV, the Kenworth T610 Prime Mover and the Walkinshaw HSV Colorado Sportscat 4WD. Thank you to Rheinmetall, Thales, Kenworth and Walkinshaw HSV for their support.

As part of the celebrations, a commemorative wall monument to mark the 160 year milestone was presented by Mr Rainer Bürkert, Executive Vice President, Würth Group and Serge Oppedisano, CEO and Managing Director Würth Australia & New Zealand.

A special thank you to the Thomas Warburton staff who worked tirelessly to put this event together. The day was very well attended and the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from our valued customers was particularly encouraging. Thank you to all who took the time to attend, your interest and support is greatly appreciated. Thomas Warburton looks forward to serving you for another 160 years!

Thomas Warburton Customer Open Day 160 Year Celebration