Thomas Warburton attaches great importance to responsible business conduct throughout the entire supply chain and cooperation based on mutual trust with our suppliers, advisers, brokers, commercial agents, distributors, contractors, agents and other suppliers of goods and services to Thomas Warburton nationally and internationally.

Code of Conduct - Grass Hand

Respecting basic social, economic and environmental principles forms the basis of any responsible and sustainable corporate action. This is why Thomas Warburton expects its business partners to comply with legal provisions on working conditions, health, environmental protection, fighting corruption and safety in the workplace and to make their employees and sub-contractors familiar with the content of this code of conduct in a language that they understand.

Thomas Warburton expects its business partners - as we expect of ourselves - to comply with the conditions stated below:

Code of Conduct of Thomas Warburton

Code of Compliance of Würth Group

A serious violation of the principles contained in this code of conduct will generally be considered a breach of a fundamental contractual obligation.