What we do

Thomas Warburton specialises in the supply distribution of our extensive range of quality fasteners, assembly products and engineering supplies. Our range includes abrasives, cutting tools, chemical products, air, welding and safety equipment and general & specialised industrial supplies for your manufacturing needs, we also offer maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) solutions for your business.

Our focus is on providing customised supply solutions that will offer the total lowest cost result to suit your specific needs, right through to quality and engineering support.

In addition to our comprehensive and extensive standard range of products, our strengths lie in procurement, supply logistics and on-time delivery thanks to our CPS®GLOBAL Inventory Management System and operations management – CPS®vend.

From the moment you place your very first order, your business will begin to benefit and fully enjoy the efficiency that our supply solutions provide. At any stage beyond your opening order, you can rest assured that you will always have continual support from your Thomas Warburton CPS®GLOBAL Account Manager and our dedicated Internal Sales team. To maintain your total lowest cost from the CPS®GLOBAL system, our team will constantly review your usage to maintain optimal efficiency and security throughout all of your C-Part inventory stock requirements.

All of these elements contribute to optimising processes and saving costs in your supply chain, manufacturing and production, right through to your end product.