It is clear that screws, nuts, bolts and washers can be components of secondary importance to an industrial system or machine. However, it goes without saying that C-Parts are essential for your end product.

The purchasing volume of C-Parts is typically very low. On average, C-Parts only make up 5% of the purchasing volume in production, however, the procurement costs are very high (at least 75% of your expenditure). This particularly applies during high levels of demand. Coordinating these items and handling repeat orders can be very overwhelming for industrial manufacturing companies where C-Parts Inventory Management has not been implemented.

Think about all of the steps, material flows and processes you need in order to make a C-Part available precisely when it is needed. Wouldn’t it be a huge benefit to your company if all C-Parts were already specially tailored to your manufacturing processes, entirely from one single source and exactly when they are needed?


Thomas Warburton’s sophisticated C-Parts Inventory Management System ‘CPS® GLOBAL’ and ‘CPS®vend’ provides the perfect opportunity and ability to streamline and simplify your purchasing, procurement, materials management, warehousing, maintenance and production processes.

We offer a comprehensive, integrated and tailored supply system that includes production, relevant items and MRO when needed. With Thomas Warburton as your preferred supplier, we can save you substantial amounts of time and money, allowing you to utilise your time in other areas of your business.

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