As a member of the Würth Industry Service Group, Thomas Warburton has access to many of the innovative developments created around the world. One such solution is the Würth W-KLT® bin. This small load carrier is not only innovative and flexible, but also space saving and secure.


When closed, the ingenious design features a levered front flap to protect your stock from exposure to dust and debris often found in harsh manufacturing environments. Used in conjunction with the space saving CPS® GLOBAL modular racking, it can reduce exposure to contamination by up to 80% resulting in cleaner components.


The flap also performs additional functions. It can be used as a visual indicator to easily determine which bin is currently in use and which is in reserve. When opened, the front of the bin enables easy access to the content and also provides a safe location for the label, which is at the heart of the CPS® GLOBAL process.


To effectively maximise the use of your space, our shelving system and innovative storage bins are tailored to accommodate as much product as possible.

At Thomas Warburton, we can maximise your space saving by holding your reserve stock until you need it.


With a closed front and interlocking bins, you are guaranteed safe transportation by eliminating the likelihood of spillage or cross contamination. Even with different bin sizes, each one interlocks with the other to provide a secure environment when on the go.