Each bin has a unique bar code to instantly identify both the product and specific customer. Within a KANBAN setup a product with two bins has two unique bar codes so that the rotation cycle can be monitored. Once usage trends are established, the bin quantity can be adjusted should the cycle rate exceed a supply requirement.

The scanning process saves time, by reducing the amount of administrative tasks required to generate an order.

The Scanning Process:

  • Simply scan each bin needing replenishment.
  • The data is stored in the scanner (which has a capacity of over 1,000 scans in the standard unit).
  • Connect the scanner via USB and upload the data online to CPS® GLOBAL. Once connected, the scanner is automatically recognised and uploaded with a press of the upload icon.

Scan Data – Upload Process

  • Using a PC or laptop, the customer logs into their account at with the barcode scanner connected via a USB port.
  • Scans are uploaded online to generate an order.
  • Order is then saved and sent via
  • An order picking slip is then printed at Thomas Warburton instantaneously.