1) Scanning of empty bins and transferring data

The customer scans the empty bins that require replenishing. Scanner is paired with your computer and your order information is then securely transferred online to Thomas Warburton via CPS® GLOBAL.

2) Order confirmation and picking slip

Thomas Warburton receives the data immediately and the picking slip is printed in our warehouse. At the same time, the customer receives an ‘order confirmation’ via e-mail to acknowledge the next step in the process.

3) New bin labels are printed automatically and product is picked

New bin labels are created to correspond with the picking slip. Product is picked and poured into the newly labelled bins with a unique bar code for easy identification.

4) Order delivered and empty bins returned

At the final stage, goods are delivered to the customers. The original empty bins are returned to Thomas Warburton and cleaned, ready to re-enter the process.