For a clean and stable solution to keep your inventory in place with minimal space, take advantage of our CPS® Global Racking Solution - Kanban.

The benefits:

  • Racking specifically designed for the W-KLT® bin reduces intrusion into your workspace.
  • Shelf/Bin optimisation gives you more room.
  • Angled shelves and closable front flap on the W-KLT® bin reduces exposure to dust and particles present in a production environment by up to 80%. This keeps your products in optimal condition ready for assembly.
  • A modular system where you can increase capacity with additional racks, which remain uniform and consistent.
  • Racking is kept clean by the continuous replacement of the bins. Shelving and racks are maintained by your Thomas Warburton Account Manager.
  • Everything is uniformly arranged within a consistent modular structure and easily located – it’s as simple as that!

The CPS® Global Racking Solution can be customized specifically to your business with coloured bands on shelving to signify various departments or sections for easy identification from a distance.

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