CPS® Global is a traditional full service two-bin system that works on the JIT (Just in Time) process.

Using the pull method, once the front bin is used and exhausted, it is placed aside to be scanned, which signals your demand long before you encounter a stock-out. The rear bin then slides forward in the racking and becomes your active stock.

A system that provides optimal efficiency of product supply directly to your business allows for greater customisation and increases productivity in line with our customers’ specific requirements.

CPS® GLOBAL provides a simple solution for the management of your consumables and is flexible enough to accommodate any requirement you may have. This includes safety products, chemicals, manufacturing consumables, cutting tools and our specialty – fasteners and assembly products.


The system also offers the additional benefits of:

  • A service to fulfil your continuous and predictable KANBAN process
  • Continuous distribution of goods at mutually agreed, pre-determined check points
  • Reduced inventory holdings and storage area required
  • A single supplier with fixed contract pricing
  • Stock traceability including batch control and product integrity
  • An individualized e-solution web based platform with online access to your purchase history
  • Efficient storage system and product available in the right place
  • Optimal stock levels based on customer specific usage requirements with an ability to respond quickly to your supply fluctuations
  • Ongoing support with regular training, maintenance and system reviews.

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