Industry 4.0 is the New Normal


Throughout those challenging times, Thomas Warburton is putting its best foot forward to provide our customers with the best service. Nowadays, standard kanban systems and cabinet solutions are not enough anymore, Australian industries deserve and need the best of the latest technologies, without compromising your staff members’ safety. Below is a snapshot of some of our latest innovations and solutions we can offer you:


Our CPS® Online-Shop provides you 24/7 contactless access to thousands of fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers, rivets, screws etc...), their details, certifications and or data sheets. If you’re a CPS® system customer, you can also unlock purchasing of extra product ranges such as PPE, tools, and consumables. You can even facilitate your reordering process by creating barcode catalogues directly from our Online-Shop. Register now in three simple steps!


Our intelligent automated and contactless CPS® RFID Kanban and CPS®vend vending solutions help reduce human intervention for C-Parts (and consumables) reordering, refilling and dispensing processes. This enables your workforce team to be more efficient without compromising safety in respect to COVID-19 and social distancing measures. View our latest brochure here to learn about the benefits of our contactless inventory management solutions.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) makes it possible to convert data such as orders, delivery notes, invoices, order confirmations and much more into various structured and standardised formats and to send them within seconds via different communication paths. We can exchange the data between your ERP system and ours - even across national borders. This eliminates the need for manual input, reduces sources of error and speeds up your supply processes. Learn more here.


Want to visit us and view a presentation of our services and systems? Contact your Thomas Warburton Field Service Representative or our internal Sales team to arrange an online eVISIT (tour) of our facility and a detailed ePRESENTATION of our CPS® Systems and service portfolio.


In respect of guaranteeing social distancing measures to protect the workforces of our suppliers, customers and our own team, we have implemented a new way to handle PODs. For further details, please read our correspondence here. Additionally, our delivery team are happy to adhere to all regulations our customers and suppliers have put in place.