CPS® GLOBAL RFID Kanban via the CPS® iSHELF, CPS® iBOX and soon to be available CPS® iGATE is an efficient process which offers the user greater security and transparency.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used as a key building block to create a more streamlined automated mapping system. Not only does this innovative technology map repeat orders, it also identifies demand fluctuations at an early stage to provide greater supply security for your business. As a result, human errors are reduced and manual scanning is eliminated.

Radio transmission of the item and bin data is directly forwarded from the customer’s production facility to the Thomas Warburton warehouse distribution centre.

We use systems with passive RFID transponders. The RFID tag, a simple data medium, is used as the basis for every data transmission operation. Important data such as the bin type, item number, description, quantity and batch is stored securely.

This highly flexible RFID Kanban system offered by Thomas Warburton allows you to make your warehouse and production even more effective and transparent than you could imagine. RFID Kanban systems are predominantly sourced by major industrial customers in the manufacture of their installations and products.

The most suitable solution for automatic replenishment can be tailored to each specific product and to individual work requirements. Our intention is to provide a product with maximum availability, in the correct quantity and in the right place at the right time.

The flow of materials in Kanban systems from Thomas Warburton is managed and circulated via two bins. Each has a barcoded CPS® GLOBAL Kanban label and an RFID tag to specify the following information:

  • Customer number
  • Storage location
  • Article number
  • Quantity
  • Bin type
  • Batch number

Each bin movement is monitored and documented so that we can provide you with information relating to the status of your Kanban system at any time.

  • Precise flow (of goods)
  • Transparent real time communication
  • Permanent data flow
  • Elimination of manual data collection
  • Time saving using bulk reading
  • Complete lot tracing possible
  • Improved warehouse and inventory management
  • Improved availability of goods – reduction of out-of-stocks
  • Recognition of usage fluctuations and peaks
  • Reduction of human errors
  • Low maintenance
  • Includes emergency plan (CPS® 24/7)
  • Not to mention all with the existing CPS® GLOBAL benefits!

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