The CPS® iGATE enables simultaneous data transfer of a multitude of W-KLT® bins (labelled with RFID tags) from your CPS® GLOBAL kanban racks (up to 200 bins passing through the CPS® iGATE at any one time). This means that demand is triggered simultaneously not just for one individual bin/line item, but for a number of bins/line items, allowing you to monitor incoming and outgoing goods in real time. Bundled. Simple. But above all - reliable.

  • Simultaneous, automated order release of a variety of kanban containers
  • Fully automatic feedback of the bridge load
  • Goods receipt and exit inspection
  • Reduction of manual, internal bookings
  • Extremely precise control of the flow of goods
  • Exchange of information in real time
  • Continuous, simple order and data transfer
  • No need for manual data entry
  • Improved warehouse and inventory management
  • Identification of demand fluctuations and peaks
  • No extra storage space required
  • Fast conversion without changing existing processes
  • No employee training necessary

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