At Thomas Warburton, we offer a kitting service tailored specifically to your requirements. It is the perfect solution when your business needs multiple products or components packaged together as a kit.

We can deliver your business a full kitting service, which is more cost effective than purchasing your components individually and utilising your staff to kit them internally.

With a strict set of guidelines in place, Thomas Warburton works directly with customers to source and deliver a full carton packaging solution.

Using our extensive experience, we will ensure that each kit is completed exactly as directed. We can also coordinate fast and efficient freight options for your business. No matter the size or quantity of kits you require, final kit packaging can be anything from small boxes with only a few components, right through to pallet sized cartons with many products.

Our ‘ready to ship’ kitting service is all part of our complete fulfilment capabilities available to our customers.


  • Our warehouse team provides efficient and detailed kitting processes.
  • We carry out thorough quality checks to ensure the accuracy of final kit contents.
  • Specific products can be segregated into polybags or smaller boxes for specific quantities inside the final kit.
  • Reduction in stock inventory holding and your storage footprint.
  • Customized outer packaging labelling and branding.
Kitting Services